M2 Subsea are proud to have access to a diverse range of vessels where a selection of work class and inspection ROVs can be mobilised.


M2 Subsea has ROVs on board vessels which have a solid track record of delivering light construction, IRM and decommissioning solutions.

In addition, M2 Subsea can mobilise ROVs to client owned vessels for any light construction, IRM or decommissioning scope of work and is well placed to provide solutions to clients using third party vessels sourced on the open market.

A selection of vessels already mobilised with M2 Subsea ROVs are listed below.


  • Harvey Bronco

    Harvey Bronco

    Uniquely designed for a variety of work roles including Subsea Inspection, Repair & Maintenance and ROV support work.

    • Dynamic Positioning Class II
    • Clean Design
    • 13.5 Knots Max Speed
    • 5,840ft2 Cargo Deck Area
    • 30 POB
  • MSV Go Electra

    MSV Go Electra

    ROV and Air Diving support vessel with 150hp Triton XLX work class and two Mohican inspection class ROVs.

    • Length 80m x breadth 16.4m
    • Active heave compensated crane – 25 tonnes at 10m
    • Main deck – 506m2
    • Large WROV hangar
    • Mezzanine deck – 70m2
    • Dynamic positioning (DP2)
    • Accommodation for 60 persons
  • Altus Uber

    Altus Uber

    DNV and ABS classed 15-man sat dive vessel, equipped with a Triton workclass ROV and dual cranes.

    • Length 103.7m x breadth 19.7m
    • Active heave compensated cranes – 70 & 140 tonnes
    • Main deck – 1150m2
    • Dynamic positioning (DP2)
    • Accommodation for 110 persons
  • Olympic Commander

    Olympic Commander

    Construction and IRM support vessel with twin 150HP Triton XLX work class ROVS and 140Te AHC Crane.

    • Length 93m, Breadth 19.7m
    • Active Heave Compensated Crane – 140Te
    • Main Deck – 816m2
    • Dynamic positioning (DP2)
    • Accommodation for 80 persons
    • Low Fuel Consumption and Excellent Sea Keeping
  • Atlantic Tonjer

    Atlantic Tonjer

    DP2 class multi-role vessel with 150HP Triton XLX on board. SPS coded for 50 client + crew.

    • Length 81m, Breadth 18m
    • Heave Compensated Crane – 50Te
    • Main Deck – 550m2
    • Dynamic positioning (DP2)
    • ASPS Coded (Accommodation for 50 clients + crew)
    • Moon Pool